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About Conrad Mukova: Our Official Scout for Arsenal FC

We are proud to introduce Conrad Mukova our Academy Director and an Official Scout for one of the most prestigious Premier League football clubs, Arsenal FC. Conrad brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for the sport to our academy.

Credentials and Qualifications: Conrad is a fully qualified FA Coach and has a proven track record in talent identification and player development. His extensive experience and training make him a valuable asset to our coaching staff.

Role at Arsenal FC: Conrad has been an Official Scout for Arsenal FC for the past 3 year. In this role, he actively scouts and evaluates emerging football talents, contributing to the club’s success in identifying promising young players. His ability to spot talent and potential has earned him recognition within the professional football community.

Contribution to Our Academy: Conrad set up FPF and is Academy Director. His insights and expertise from his role at Arsenal FC directly benefit our players. Conrad’s coaching sessions are enriched with the latest industry knowledge, ensuring that our academy participants receive top-tier training and guidance.

Impact on Player Development: Through his work with FPF, Conrad has helped nurture and develop numerous talents who have gone on to excel in their football journeys. His commitment to player development and his dedication to fostering a positive footballing environment have made a lasting impact on our young athletes.

Stay Updated: We encourage you to stay updated on Conrad’s scouting adventures and the latest news related to his role at Arsenal FC. Visit our [News/Updates/ Blog] section regularly for the latest updates, success stories, and insights from Conrad.

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